This  Privacy  Policy  lays  down  the  policies  and  guidelines  governing  the  protection  of  your Personal Information (as defined below) including Sensitive Personal Data collected, processed, and  stored  by  Muthoot  Fincorp Limitedand/or  Ixoraa  Media  Private  Limited  and/or  our employees/representativesand/or  external mentors/experts (“MFL” or “Muthoot” or INK or “We”  or  “Us”  or  “Our”) while the  user(“User”  or  “You”  or  “Your”) use  or  access  the #RestartIndia website .We respect the privacy of the user of #RestartIndia website and believe that you as a user have the right to know the practice and procedure adopted by us for protecting your  Personal  Information which we  may  collect,  process  and  store when  you  use  the #RestartIndia website. By using or accessing the #RestartIndia website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and you expressly consent to the collection, usage,and disclosure of your information. You can opt out from sharing your Personal Information with us by not using or accessing the #RestartIndia website.This Privacy Policy is effective from 13 July 2020 and it supersedes all existing Privacy Polices.

Personal Information:

PersonalInformationmeansanyinformationthatmayresultintheidentificationofanindividual,likefull  name,  email  address,  mobile  number  etc.  Non-Personal  Information  means  any information that does not result in the identification of anIndividual.

Sensitive Personal Data:

SensitivePersonaldatareferstotheinformationofapersonthatismoresensitiveinnatureincludingbut  not  limited  to  passwords,  financial  information  namely  bank  account,  biometric information,etc.

Our Commitment:

We  are  committed  to  protect  the  privacy  of  personal  information  shared  by  you  either through online or offline  and/or  any personal  information which may be collected by us, affiliated  entities, subsidiaries, our employees/representatives, external mentors/experts, agents/agencies, our server from the User’s browser.

Collection of Personal Information:

The personal information pertaining to your identity and demographics shall be collected by us for enabling us to provide better services to you.

Usage of your Personal Information:

Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:
  1. To provide you  with guidance-We will  provide you  with  guidance  regarding  this  Privacy Policy and also with respect to collection, usage,and disclosure of your Personal Information.
  2. To  personalize  your  experience -Your  information  helps  us  to  respond  to  your  individual needs in a betterway.
  3. To verify your identity as per applicablelaws
  4. To improve your experience with our website -We continually strive to improve our website offerings based on the information and feedback we receive fromyou
  5. To improve customer service-Your information helps us to respond to your service requests and support needs more effectively
  6. Toadministeracontest,promotion,survey,orothersitefeature–Weshallreach outtoyouwhen we are conducting any contests or surveys. You may opt out if you do not wish to beincluded
  7. To  send  periodic  emails,  SMSs  &  WhatsApp  messages -The  email  address  or  mobile number that you provide may be used to send you information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.
  8. To  keep  you  informed  about  our  new  products  or  services  unless  you  unsubscribe  to  ouremails
  9. To carry out research and analysis to study customer use and experience on an anonymous or personalized basis
  10. Other usages that you may consent to including WhatsApp for Business
Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering  the  purchased  product  or  service  requested.  We  may,  however,  share  personal information to Muthoot Pappachan Group companies, for providing better services to you, if you expressly consent to doso.

Acknowledgment of the User:

You acknowledge that you are completely aware about the potential risk of data/privacy breach and  hereby confirms  that  you  shall  be  solely  liable  for  any  unauthorized  disclosure/breach  of personal/sensitive personal information, etc. and any direct/indirect losses suffered. Hence, you shall  exercise  utmost  caution  to  ensure  that  your  information  is  NOT  shared/stored/made accessible through:
(a) any physical means with or without your knowledge (disclosure to any person/third party; etc.)or
(b) through any electronic means, by exercising the following precautions/safety measures:
  1. You shall always check if “https” appears in any website’s address bar before making any online transaction, to ensure that the webpage is encrypted.
  2. You shall avoid using third party extensions, plug-ins, or add-ons on the/your web browser, as it may result in the risk of tracking or stealing of personal details.
  3. You shall always type the information and not use the auto-fill option on web browser to prevent the risk of storage of my personal/sensitive personal information.
  4. You   shall   NOT   access   darknet,   unauthorized/suspicious   websites, suspicious   online platforms, downloading applications from unreliable sources.
  5. You shall ensure to disable cookies before accessing any domain/website, to ensure that your personal information is not tracked by any third party, unless otherwise consciously permitted by  you  by  accepting  the  same, for  which,  you  are  solely  responsible for the  consequences thereof.
  6. You shall NOT respond to any generic emails from an unknown/unidentified source.
  7. You shall check the Privacy Policy of the website/application to know the type of information that  may  be  collected  from  you  and  the  manner  in  which  it  may  be  processed  by  the website/application before accepting/proceeding/transaction on any website/application.
  8. You shall always verify and install authentic web/mobile applications from reliable source onUser’s computer/laptop/tab/ipad/smart phone or any other electronic device.
  9. You  shall  NOT  to  access  any  unidentified  weblinks,  bitly  link  or  any  other  electronic  links shared over electronic platform (such as email, sms, social media, websites).
  10. You understand and acknowledge that :
a) The    questions    you    submit    on    the    website    will    be    shared    with our employees/representatives,   external mentors/experts,   affiliates,partners,   service providers, individuals, andother organizations based ontheir relevant areas of expertise in order to receive responses to your questions. The questions may also be edited and modified before they are processed further and also before they are published with the answers on the website.

b) We or our  employees/representatives,  external mentors/experts,  affiliates,  partners, service  providers,  individuals  or  organizations  who  are  part  of  this  initiative  have  the discretion to  either  develop  a  response to  your question  or  not. They may  respond  to those  questions  that  are  valid  and  also  most  relevant  and  hence  may  screen  out  the remaining  questions.They  may  not  respond  if  for  e.g.  the  question  has  already  been answered   and   published,   the   question   submitted   contains   any   content   deemed objectionable/inappropriate  by  them,  if  the  question  submitted  is  not  relevant  to  the #RestartIndia forum, if they do not have the right expertise to comment on it or for any other reason as applicable. The questions submitted by you may also be deleted at the discretion   of   our employees/representatives,   external   mentors/experts,   affiliates, partners, service providers, individuals or organizations who are part of this initiative in case they are foundto be invalid or irrelevant.

c) A  question  once  submitted  to  the  website will  be  retained  and  processed  further  for response, review of the response and editing of the response as applicable. It cannot be automatically retracted once submitted. Any retraction request should be made in writing to this email address and the team will address the same appropriately

d) These responses to questions and any allied information as well as other content on the website  like  videos,  workshops,  webinars,  resource  links  provided  are  opinions  and  a consolidation of research, trends and opinions shared by our employees/representatives,   external mentors/experts,   affiliates,   partners,   service providers,  individuals  or  organizations  partnering  on  this  initiative  who  are  sharing guidance, suggestions and recommended solutions basis their best judgement and as a result of their years and depth of expertise in respective industry or functional areas. You choose to use the information on the website, specific question responses or follow the advice given or solutions recommended at your own risk and you will not hold liable for these  responses  either of user our  employees/representatives,  external mentors/experts,  affiliates, partners,  service  providers,  individuals  or  organizations  who  are directly  associated  with  #RestartIndia  website  or  invited  by us and all  those  who  are associated with the  #RestartIndia website and initiative.

e) The questions you ask and the response that is developed for the same will be uploaded on the #RestartIndia website as a public information for viewing along with your full name and city by anyone who visits the site.  

f) As  part  of  the  experience,  you  will  receive  WhatsApp  messages  and  emails  from #RestartIndia to acknowledge your engagement, confirm your request, inform you that your question has been answered and any other reasons as applicable.

g) We  collect  the  information  or  questions  or  content  that  you  post  on  #RestartIndia website,  including  your questions,  answers,  photos,  and  comments.  Unless  otherwise you post certain information or questions or contents anonymously, your information or questions or content, date and time stamps, and all associated comments will be publicly viewable on the #RestartIndia website, along with your name. This also may be indexed by search engines and be republished elsewhere on the Internet

Protection of Personal Information:

We  implement  a  variety  of  security  measures  to  protect  your  personal  information  from unauthorized  access  or  disclosure.  Further  our  employees  who  have  limited  access  to  your personal  information  are  bound  by Non-Disclosure  and  Confidentiality  Policies.  You  will appreciate the fact that no method of transmission, whether in physical form or over the internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and maybe subjected to unintentional risks, due to reasons beyond our control.

Disclosure of Personal Information:

We  do  not  sell,  trade,  or  otherwise  transfer  to  outside  parties  your  personally  identifiable information.  This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties comply with applicable laws and agree to keep this information confidential.
  1. Your   Personal   Information   may   be   transferred   to   outside   parties   under   following circumstances:  We  may share  the personal  information  with  other  Group  Companies  or other  trusted  entities  or  agents  or  representative  who  act  on  our  behalf  to  call  and communicate with you about products offerings through Telephone/ Mobile/ SMS/ Email/ Whatsapp.
  2. We  may  share  the  personal  information  with  the  statutory  and/or  regulatory  authorities, government institutions where required for compliance with legal requirement.
  3. We  may  use  the  personal  information  to  respond  to  court  orders  or  legal  process  to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.
  4. We may share the personal information inorder to investigate, prevent, or take action against any illegal activities, suspected fraud, or as otherwise required bylaw.
  5. We may share the personal information in order to protect or enforce our rights andclaims.

Retention of Personal Information:

We will retain your Personal information for as long as necessary to provide you the services, or for complying with our statutory/regulatory obligations, resolving disputes, defending the claims, and enforcing our policies.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy shall be amended from time to time to comply with our business requirements and applicable laws. The amendments made to this Privacy Policy shall be updated on this website. You may visit this website to view the changes in policy. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on our website. Please regularly check this Privacy Policy to ensure you are aware of the latest updates.

Contact us:

In case if you may want to share your concern, we welcome you to easily reach out to us through multiple contact optionsdisplayedonthe #RestartIndia website.