Lakshmi Pratury

Curator, Speaker, Founder & CEO, INK Talks
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Lakshmi Pratury is a business leader, entrepreneur, curator, and former venture capitalist. Her riveting personality and penchant for technological innovation and community building have led her to her current avatar as founder and CEO of INK which stands for knowledge and innovation. INK is also a metaphor for building a platform where we write our future together. Lakshmi has also served as director and co-host of the SingularityU India Summit in association with INK. In 2009, she co-hosted TEDIndia in Mysore alongside Chris Anderson, the curator of the conference. She is known for her tremendous stage presence and has spoken at various conferences such as TED, DLD, WIRED and C2MTL, and many other global events.Prior to INK, Lakshmi spent over two decades in the US in leading roles in technology (Intel), venture capital (Global Catalyst Partners), and shaping initiatives for non-profit organizations (American India Foundation). She attended IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Mumbai and was a gold medalist in undergraduate mathematics. Having waded through domains like math, venture capital, and technology where women are under-represented, Lakshmi is an ardent advocate of women at work. Among many awards and recognitions she has been conferred on, Lakshmi was listed in Forbes’ ‘Women to Watch in Asia.’