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In this internship we were able to interact and help small businesses who are not familiar with modern technology get an experience of using such technology. It was a new experience for me, and I felt that not only did it benefit the small businesses, it was a learning experience for me as I got to do something good for the society"
Adithya Padmakumar
Internship at #RestartIndia was overall a very enriching experience. I learnt how to communicate with the businesses and also helped me in understanding how things work in the market of "small businesses". I got a lot of insights about how to approach small businesses and really helped me strengthen my own professional development."
Alen Antony
I learned a lot of amazing things in my internship with #RestartIndia which I know will help me in my future, for example never underestimate writing your own notes using a pen and paper. I learned how to communicate with different people and businesses and how to engage them in a  project and enable them to strive for something which is helpful for them. It was truly a wonderful experience for me and I thank #RestartIndia team for providing this opportunity for me"
Manu PP