February 17, 2021
Tina Muthoot
Impact Director - RestartIndia
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How does a Small Business Decide between Various Digital Tools?

When it comes to social media platforms for business, the business owner is spoilt for choice. From creating groups on Facebook, to exhibiting products on Instagram to sending broadcasts on Whatsapp, in what all ways can a small business reach its target market. We will briefly explore a couple of features that one can keep in mind when using either of these digital tools.


  • Helps to create basic awareness about your business
  • Easy to set up and is low cost to manage
  • Helps to interact with customers
  • Used where privacy is a concern and contact information is not available

Instagram: A picture speaks a 1000 words

  • Content is visual-based
  • Relies in a very limited manner on text
  • Can alter content using filters
  • Easy to use
  • Hashtags help to search for options


  • Helps to connect quickly with the other person
  • Useful when you have direct contact information
  • Used for transactions rather than inquiry
  • Most information is shared on a 1-1 basis

Whichever digital tool is used, it’s best to work out a combination of tools, instead of sticking to just one type. They all address various needs. The most important point you need to note is the journey that the user takes. Understand which tool comes first and position your product accordingly. Keep in mind where your buyers are, that’s where the first interaction takes place. Lead them from there to the next tool which helps you fulfill the order and close the deal.

Remember, when using digital tools, delivery is an important aspect. We will cover the nuances of logistics in another blog. Stay tuned!

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Tina Muthoot, Impact Director - RestartIndia

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