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Mrs. Ancy Edward, Utensil Store, Kerala

" I gathered all my customers number and contacted them. We started taking orders from customer over video call and then set out to delivery at our customer's doorstep. Starting home delivery services helped us restart & sustain our business in challenging times.

Ms. Raji, Bakery, Paravur Jn., Kerala

" I run a bakery in Paravur. During the lockdown, as only essentials were allowed, I decided to expand my business. I informed my friends and relatives that they can buy daily esentials at my store along with home delivery. My business increased & spread through word of mouth. I'm confident that I can now deal with any kind of problem in the future.

Mr. Siraj, Options Store, Ernakulam

" Ever since I've been using online platform for marketing, I've not been let down. We've a lot of customers who we maintain a good relationship with through our group. We update the latests models in our group for customers. Customers are happy since they get all the updates on their phone.
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G Go Digital with “Know Digital - Know Sales” Toolkit

Go Digital with “Know Digital - Know Sales” Toolkit

Go Digital with “Know Digital - Know Sales” Toolkit

The biggest challenge faced by Nano businesses in the digital era is the lack of access to their market. #RestartIndia has curated a five-day course to assist small business owners to take their business online and go digital. The business owners are given access to a learning program that enables them to use simple digital tools tailored for their business, enabling them to expand their customer reach and revenue to scale their business.

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Take Visually Appealing Photos
Send Audio and Video Message
Create Group and Update Status
Create Group Invites through Link and QR Code
Create Broadcast List and Make Digital Payments

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Nano businesses require guidance on what they can do differently to reach new markets, better their cash flows, improve their processes and increase their efficiencies. Our Mentor and Response network offer the advice and expertise that nano businesses need, to function better.

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